NewzCrawler Release Notes

What's New in NewzCrawler 1.9

Version 1.9 has a very large list of new features, changes and bug fixes. The detailed what's new list is available here.

Downloading and installing NewzCrawler

NewzCrawler v.1.9 is distributed as a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file on Windows. Typically, packages are installed by double-clicking them in the file explorer. However, with the msiexec.exe command line utility, additional features are available, like non-interactive installation and administrative installation.

Before downloading and installing, make sure your computer meets the system requirements.

To get NewzCrawler 1.9, download it here.

Upgrading from previous versions

Upgrading to NewzCrawler 1.9 is copletely free if you're a registered user of any previous version.

If you're using any previous version install NewzCrawler 1.9 in the same folder. You won't lose your subscription or podcasts.

When you start NewzCrawler 1.9 for the first time a database upgrading tool will be started in order to upgrade your database to version 1.9. We strongly recommend you to make a backup copy of your database before upgrading. To do this just select the appropriate option in the database upgrading tool.

Removing NewzCrawler

You can remove NewzCrawler using the Control Panel in the Start Menu.

Removing NewzCrawler will not remove your subscription database. This data is stored in your profile folder, which is located in one of the following locations depending on your operating system:

Windows Vista Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\ADC Software\Newz Crawler\
Windows 2000, XP Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\ADC Software\Newz Crawler\

Any later version of NewzCrawler that you install after removing NewzCrawler v.1.9 will continue to use the data from this profile folder.

Known Issues

NewzCrawler requires administrator privileges in order to install on your system properly.

You may get error when installing the RSS Autodiscovery plugin for Internet Explorer if you keep running Internet Explorer during installation .

Some firewall software may silently block NewzCrawler from updating its channels. Most firewalls will ask you whether to allow a program to connect to the Internet. It's important that you always grant NewzCrawler access.