What's new in version 1.9?

+ feature added
- bug fixed
* changed

version 1.9 Final (build 4100, September 7th, 2008)
+ Added new column with green stars representing read\unread status.
+ Added option allowing turning on\off envelope icons in the News List.
+ Added confirmation on exiting NewzCrawler.
+ Improved mouse wheel support in Search window.
+ Windows XP theme support in Download Manager and Main Window status bar.
+ Improved default "NewzCrawler" newspaper.
+ Added option which restores last read news item for every channel.
+ Added renewing of the favicons. Now favicons are being renewed once per day.
+ Improved registration system.
+ Added Cleanup Wizard.

- Fixed incorrect displaying of the window titles containing CR-LF symbols.
- Fixed bug in Preferences\Database\Find lost files.
- Fixed bug which hid address bar context menu.
- Fixed lockup on right-clicking on the News Ticker.

version 1.9 RC2 (build 3860, November 27th, 2007)
+ News Ticker: added 2nd background color selector in the Preferences dialog.
+ Preferences: redesigned some News Ticker options.

- Fixed: unnecessary numerous error reports found in v.1.9 RC1
- Fixed: OPML file import error.

version 1.9 RC1 (build 3837, November 25th, 2007)

+ RSS Autodiscovery: changed orange newsfeed icon behaviour. Clicking on the 
  icon displays the popup menu allowing to subscribe to the one or all newsfeeds
  ("Subscribe to ..." and "Subscribe to All" commands).
+ RSS Autodiscovery options are separated for built-in and external 
  (Internet Explorer) browser.

+ Channel properties: option for selecting alternative style for displaying.
+ Added Channel properties\Maintenance option for keeping news existing in the 
  newsfeed only. Useful for feeds containing frequently updated items such as 
  stock quotes, weather etc.
+ Download Manager: added "Locate News" command. Allows locate the news item 
  containing enclosure.
+ Improved Import\Export: added import\export using plain text file containing 
  newsfeeds URLs.
+ Podcasts: added and improved support of 4 media players: Windows Media Player,
  WinAMP, iTunes and QuickTime.
+ Podcasts: added feature for enqueueing podcast URLs in the selected media 
+ NewzCrawler style: now news items are marked as read when scrolling the 
+ NewsList columns: it's now possible to create user-defined columns settings
  and assign them to the channels.
+ NewsList: option for displaying news as multi-line text. News description has
  customized fond and color.
+ News List: option for grouping news referring to the same URL.
+ Added support of Atom Threading module.
+ Search News: totally reworked. It now searches for keywords in Web Channels.
+ Search News: allows specifying the channels for searching.
+ Search News: added highlighting of the search keywords.
+ Synchronization: options for automatic Download\Upload on program 
+ News Balloon: added support of RTL text.
+ Added: it's now possible to drag&drop channels and news to the Recycle Bin.
+ News Ticker: added "Mark as Read" and "Flag News" popup menu commands.
+ News Ticker: gradient fill.
+ Added support for subscribing to the feeds directly from the FireFox browser.
+ Added system notification icon animation mode (when there were downloaded 
  new news while NewzCrawler was in background).
+ Outgoing Channel: now it's possible to upload generated files to FTP servers.
+ Added tabbed browsing support.
+ Updated supported Search Results providers.

* RSS Autodiscovery window renamed to Autodiscovery history.

- Fixed: error when starting NewzCrawler when the database is located on the 
  USB drive but the drive is not present.
- Fixed problem with updating context menu commands after pressing CTRL+A.
- Fixed problem with synchronized news after moving from trial to registered 
- Fixed category parsing in RSS\Atom feeds.
- Download Manager: now follows redirects correctly.

version 1.8 Final (build 3312, NovemberFebruary 28th, 2006)

+ Added: BlogThis! Client: it is now possible to make posts with empty message
body or title.
+ Added: Right-to-Left languages support in News Balloon, News Ticker,News
List, Newspaper etc.
+ Added: it's now possible to resize News Balloon horizontally
+ Added: Synchronize In\Out options on start\exit the program.

- Fixed: "Make available offline" pop-up menu command did not cache web page
immediately if the Internet connection is active.
- Fixed: clearing cached wep page when copying news items
- Fixed: Floating point errors in JavaScript ่ Flash DLLs.
- Fixed: control chars were displayed in News Balloon
+ Fixed: Access Violation error on program shutdown.

version 1.8 RC3 (build 3211, November 14th, 2005)

+ Added Atom 1.0 support.

+ The "NewzCrawler" style has been significantly modified.
New "Read Newspaper" link creates HTML newspaper directly in the built-in
browser and is available for newsfeed channels, folders and smartfolders.
Enclosures are displayed separately as icons. 

+ FTP proxy support for FTP uploading\downloading. 

+ BlogThis! now allows posting with empty title or empty description.

+ Search Results Channels list is now extensible. The *.ncsrc files located in
the "Search" subfolder contain search engine descriptions. Many new Search
engines available.

+ Password-protected CommentRSS feeds now supported. The main feed user\password
settings used for access. 

+ Resizable dialogs\windows now has size grips.

+ Added ability to configure a method of comparing news items for the feeds
without guids. Allows to eliminate news items duplicates for some feeds. 

+ Layouts fully reworked.

* "Simple User Unterface mode" has been reviewed.
* Recycle Bin contextual menu has been reviewed.
* Changed settings for Blogger.com in the Weblog site properties.

- Fixed: Newspaper didn't work for Smart Folders.
- Fixed: OPML Export used "title" attribute instead of "text".
- Fixed: Podcast downloading: when downloading a podcast bigger than a maximal
podcast size wrong error message were displayed.
- Fixed: Smart Folders: after synchronization modified news items didn't get
- Fixed: Error when trying to configure main toolbar in a Simple UI mode.
- Fixed: Download Manager: "?" should not be a part of the file name.
- Fixed: Automatic channel updates didn't work when "Run minimized" option turned on.
- Fixed: When rebuilding smart folders tree the first smart folders was focused
instead of the previously focused one.
- Fixed: Delete news command didn't work for Smart Folders and syndicated
- Fixed: Main form doesn't pop up after closing child windows.
- Fixed: No more downloads.xml file on desktop.
- CPU load greatly reduced when BlogThis! client window opened.

version 1.8 RC2 (build 3125, July 28th, 2005)

* "Recycler" has been renamed to "Recycle Bin"

- Download Manager: Fixed bug with renaming downloaded podcast on finish.
- Recycler Bin: Fixed bug with deleting items.

version 1.8 RC1 (build 3119, July 27th, 2005)
+ Built-in Browser: New options for turning on\off images, java and scripting.
+ Built-in Browser: F5 rebuilds the newspaper if "Show News Items as Newspaper"
  option is turned on.
+ News Ballon: Now user can move News Balloon with mouse.
+ News Ballon: Sticks to the edges of the desktop when user drags it.
  Hold SHIFT key to disable sticking.
+ News Ticker: Option to select the monitor for News Ticker window.
+ Added "Download Enclosures" command in main and contextual menu.
+ Status bar: Added active downloads counter
+ Channel Maintenence properties: Added "Delete read items only" option.
+ News List: Now you can expand all message thread by holding SHIFT key.
+ Download Manager: Now dockable. You can either dock it to the bottom of the
  main window or keep it as a separate window.
+ Download Manager: confirmation window if you exit NewzCrawler with active
+ Download Manager: Added URL drag-and-drop support.
+ BlogThis! Client: Added "Title" support for Blogger API 2.0
+ BlogThis! Client: Added "Categories" menu
+ BlogThis! Client: Added option for sorting categories by name.
+ Outgoing site: Added publishing to FTP.
+ Styles: link for opening the source in default browser without marking news
  item as read.
+ Smart Folders: option for filling either tree or list of matched channels.
+ Color Groups: option for displaying color groups as foreground or background.
+ Catchup command now affects currently visible items only.

* NewzCrawler doesn't update the newspaper automatically after channel updates
  when "Show News Items as Newspaper" option is on.
* Changed tray icon behaviour on double-clicking (Show\Bring to Front\Hide).
* RSS Autodiscovery now works ~100 times faster.
* Reworked "View" menu.
* "Cache offline content" and "Clear cache content" commands were renamed as
  "Make available offline" and "Make unavailable offline" respectively.

- Main window: Now remembers the monitor it was on multi-nonitor systems.
- Styles: Bug in default styles scripts.
- Styles: News item with empty description didn't mark as read.
- Fixed: Search window and News Ticker now doesn't show deleted items along with
  normal ones.
- Download Manager: Bug with saving downloading\podcasting logs.
- Fixed: Bug with generating RFC1123 dates.
- Output Formats: Bug with adding new output formats.
- Download Manager: Incorrect stopping active downloads on program exit.
- Fixed problem with "Skipped" status for feeds being updated "in the future"
  during manipulations with system date\time.
- Fixed "Invalid argument to date encode" bug.
- Fixed "Error creating SSL context" bug.
- Fixed "Failed to get data for "Left" bug.
- Fixed: XML status bar icon was visible when RSS autodiscovery option was off.
- Fixed: Rebuilding tree selected the first Smart Folder instead of the last
  active one.
- Folder Notification properties: "Show message headline in News Ticker" option
  didn't make underlying channels display it's news in News Ticker.
- Fixed: Syndicated folders didn't sort the news items property after underlying
  channels updates.
- Fixed: When the "Mark all news as read when leave a channel" option is on,
  changing "Show News Items as Newspaper" option marked all news as read.
- Fixed: News item lost focus after switching Tree\List\Smart Folders tabs.
- Smart Folders: Unmatched news items had been added in the News List during

version 1.8 Beta 7 (build 2996, April 25 2005)
+ Added two new buttons to the Preferences\Styles tab: "Restore default styles"
  and "Open Styles folder"
+ Added News Age label to the Newspaper window.
+ Synchronization wizard now displays status during time-consuming operations.
+ Smart Folders: added variety of dates (received, created, modified and so on)
  to the search criterias.
+ Added: support of the Internet Explorer popup blocking.
+ Channels switching has been speeded up.
+ Added: "Download Enclosures" popup menu.
+ Added: option to hide Recycler.
+ Added: automatic dialling whenever channels need automatic updates.

* "NewzCrawler" style renamed to "NewzCrawler Classic". New style added as
  "NewzCrawler" used by default.
* Styles reworked in order to allow user to flag\mark read\unread news directly
  from the built-in browser.
* "Tools | Make newspaper" renamed to "Tools | Make Global Newspaper".
* Search News moved to Edit menu and has "Ctrl+F" by default.
+ Now you can always download enclosure regardless you've already done so.

- Fixed newspaper generation when in "Show news items as Newspaper" mode.
- Fixed: confirmation check boxes did not retain the state after restart.
- Fixed: BlogThis! templates did not work properly.
- Fixed": "A call to an OS function failed" bug fixed.
- Fixed: label always displayed "Items: 0" when Smart Folder has focus. 
- Fixed: NNTP newsgroups didn't work since the last Beta 6.
- Fixed: autodiscovery bug when Title has extra #13#10 characters.
- Fixed: flag didn't work for collapsed news items containing replies.

version 1.8 Beta 6 (build 2916, March 21 2005)
+ Multiple enclosures support.
+ Download Manager for downloading enclosures with scheduler.
+ External download managers support.
+ Podcasting support. Ability to add podcasts to Windows Media Player playlists,
  iTunes playlists, WinAmp playlist. Ability to copy downloaded podcasts to 
  specified folder (removable storage\flash drive or MP3 player).
+ Folders and channels synchronization using remote storage (File, WebDAV or 
+ News list: ability to customize columns on a per channel basis. Particular 
  channel uses either global columns settings or it's own column settings.
  Right-click columns in order to choose between global and own settings.
+ Keyboard shortcuts editor.
+ News Balloon: Fade-out effect.
+ News Balloon: Time-out timer paused when mouse is over balloon.
+ New optional confirmations: Catchup\Clear\Delete channels.
+ New "View\Status Bar" option.
+ Ability to choose what news date (received, created, modified, published, 
  last seen in feed) should be used for purging news.
+ Add newsfeed wizard now has "Use parent folder update schedule" option.
+ Dial-up connection support when updating channels. Ability to disconnect
  automatically when updating finished.
+ Added connection timeout option.
+ Added: "Open in browser" button.
+ Ability to automatically mark unread news as read after specified amout of 
  days after downloading.

* Changed default feeds set.
* Folder Import\Export now has OPML option by default.
* Channel tree\list diaplays in bold channels names and unread news counter.
* Preferences window opens\closes much faster.
* Newspaper has been speeded up.
* OPML\NCsync have been significant;y speeded up.
* NNTP: "To:" filed replaced with "Reply-To:"
* Main menu minor changes.
* Channel actions are splitted to several tabs.

- Fixed: blog client window warning that news hasn't been posted even right 
  after successful post.
- Fixed: smartfolder actions didn't get executed if smartfolders tab hasn't been 
- Fixed: zero-sized news items windows.
- Fixed: double-clicking channel now doesn't save the channel.
- Fixed: problem with loading SSL support dll from multiple threads.
- Fixed: style selector didn't save NewzCrawler preferences.
- Fixed: smart folders update now more frequently.
- Fixed: problem with ending Windows session with running NewzCrawler.
- Fixed: Follow news closes smart folder if channels is not in the smart folder.
- Fixed: channels alphabetic sorting now supports Unicode.
- Fixed: RFC1123 date parsing bug
- Fixed: News Ticker was always displayed when "Run minimized" option turned on.
- Fixed: Debug.ncxsl style.
- Fixed: Newspaper save command did nothing.
+ Fixed: Startup Wizard didn't read the database source from registry.
- numerous minor bug fixes. 

version 1.8 Beta 3 (build 2676, December 15 2004)
+ News Balloon: hides duplicate items

- fixed "%s" message in database convert wizard
- fixed browser content refreshing after changing the news item status

version 1.8 Beta 1 (build 2670, December 13 2004)

+ Startup wizard will introduce you to NewzCrawler basics and will help you
  configure NewzCrawler for the first run
+ News Balloon: Fade-in effect
+ News Balloon: hides read items.
+ News Balloon: hides news item after clicking it (optional).
+ ability to set/unset read/flag/download status in html views.
+ Support of XML-level redirect
+ Add newsfeed channel wizard now allows to subscribe to MSN Spaces weblogs
+ RSS Autodiscovery: main window status line now displays XML sign if there was
  found a newsfeed.
+ When news item being marked as read, all news items that refers to the same
  URL are marked as read too.
+ Smart Folders. Smart Folders allows you to filter news using configurable
  search criterias and perform various actions such as toggling read\flag\download
  later\watch for discussions flags, deleting news, applying color groups,
  sending news by email and so on.
+ Color groups. You can manually mark news items using configurable color
  groups. Color groups are also used by news ticker and news balloon. You can
  configure Smart Folders to apply choosed color groups to the particular news
  items automatically upon news arrival.
+ Option to disable checking for default news aggregator on program startup
+ New layout: Full height browser
+ NewzCrawler now uses XSLT engine for displaying the news content.
+ Outgoing channels now use XSLT too.
+ Configurable toolbars. Right-click the toolbar to configure buttons.
+ Enclosures support.
+ Multiple enclosures support.
+ Deleted news are marked as deleted. Deleted news items won't re-appear if you
  update the channel again.
+ Recycler. Recycler is the channel that displays deleted news items and allows
  to configure deleted items purging options.
+ Preferences: General\Database: Search for lost files and deleting them.
+ Channel icons (favicon.ico files) now stored in the special folder. If no icon
  file found try to download icon only 2 times per day.
+ Channel properties. Support for TTL, skipHours, skipDays.
+ Channel options inheritance from the parent folders.
+ Channel blackouts options.
+ RFC 3229 "feed" instance manipulation method support
+ News List: Received, Published, Modified, Last seen dates columns.

* News list filling has been significantly speeded up.

- No more "Re: Re:" when replying to the someone's messages.
- Fixed bug when working with password protected ocs/opml files in the Add
  newsfeed wizard

version 1.7 Final SR2 (build 2460, September 5 2004)

+ Search channels has been speeded up.
+ NTLM authentication (HTTP and Proxy added)

* Improved OPML export
* Improved RSS parsing (empty namespaces in RSS now supported).

- Fixed: errors when docking\undocking the News Ticker.
- Fixed: unnecessary screen flickering when docking\undocking the News Ticker.
- Fixed: text wrapping when posting to newsgroups.
- Fixed: news ticker focus issues
- Fixed: toolbars now store their positions correctly
- Fixed: HTTP "Read timeout" errors.

version 1.7 Final SR1 (build 2370, June 24 2004)
+ Added registry tweak:
    General\ResolveExternals (DWORD)
    forces NewzCrawler not to resolve external links when parsing XML.

- Fixed problem with loading external DTD through a proxy servers
- Fixed "List index out of bounds" in built-in browser window

version 1.7 Final (build 2360, June 18 2004)

+ Improved Outgoing Channel properties and default RSS templates
+ Added "simple user interface mode".
+ Improved RSS/OPML parsing
+ Single-key reading. When the focus in the Channels tree or in the News List
  pressing the Space key will move to the next unread item. If the news
  description is lengthy Space key will scroll the Browser instead of moving to
  the next unread item.

* Changed algorythm of the "do not check all channels at startup" option.
* Add news feed wizard changed - RSS newsfeed option for Blogger.com is back.

- Fixed: dates and times use user's regional settings
- Fixed: folder losed it's focus after closing the Add newsfeed wizard.
- Fixed: sorting issues on the first run
- Fixed: problems with building conversation threads in newsgroup channels.
- Fixed: sending news by email.
- Fixed: News Balloon buttons sometimes disappeared.
- Fixed: Access Violation errors when trying to delete top-level folders.

version 1.7 RC4 (build 2314, May 19 2004)
+ Improved support of Atom 0.3 feeds.
+ xml:base support in Atom 0.3 feeds.
+ Channels tree single-click interface option. Open Preferences\Appearance tab,
  and check the "Automatic Expand\Collapse folders" box.

* Blogger.com doesn't offer RSS anymore. Add news feed wizard changed.

- Fixed Access Violation error on closing the program with active tasks.
- Fixed: News Balloon sometimes grabbed the keyboard focus.
- Fixed: Access Violation on deleting the news from the news list.
- Fixed: Delete command was disabled in "Channels List" mode
- Fixed: "Open in new browser window"  didn't work from the News Balloon
- Fixed: OCS/OPML link drag-n-drop
- Fixed handling of the favicon.ico redirects.

version 1.7 RC3 (build 2270, May 1 2004)
+ html entities table extended.
+ registry keys added:

    View\DoNotSortFolders (DWORD)
    forces NewzCrawler not to add folders before channels in the tree.

    View\HighlightUnreadHTTPSite (DWORD)
    Enables Website page unread highlighting. If the HTML page contains
    differences it will be marked as unread.

    View\SiteUnreadCheck (DWORD)
    Enables restoring the state of the "Unread only" box after restart.

+ added bypass proxy settings.
+ added a news:/// link in the NNTP reply.
+ flagged news are stored forever.

* confuguration saving changed
* "Move to channel..." ่ "Copy to channel..." changed to "Copy to Outgoing" and
  "Move to Outgoing".

- fixed problem with high CPU load when idle.
- fixed minor problem with saving/restoring channels tree expanded/collapsed
- favicon.ico files are no longer fetched for RSS comments feeds.
- fixed minor problem with displaying the news titles and descriptions
  containing XML entities.
- fixed "requested recource is in use" error.
- fixed channels tree problems causing "index out of bounds" error.
- fixed "out of system resources" error.
- fixed problem with Wizards Prev\Next\Cancel buttons when large forts are used
- other speed-up fixes

version 1.7 RC2 (build 2212, March 29 2004)
+ Added digest authentication suport. For example it is possible to retrieve
  the private and friends-only records from the LiveJournal's blogs.

  add the ?auth=digest suffix to some LiveJournal rss feed URL


  in the Location\Secutity tab of the feed properties window check the "Server
  requires logon" box and fill in your LiveJournal login and password (yes, you
  have to be a registered LiveJournal user). Now you'll be able to read
  someone's friend-only records in the NewzCrawler. Sure, you have to be marked
  as friend by that person.

- Fixed newspaper bug when "Show unread only" option was selected 

version 1.7 RC1 (build 2209, March 23 2004)
+ Folders are bold if they contain unread news
+ Folders: "Syndicate news for all underlying channels" option
+ Folders: Automatic updating options
+ Channels tree/list: unread/total columns
+ Channels tree/list: customizable columns (View | Site list columns)
+ Channels tree or list state restored after restart
+ "Unread only" channels box
+ Add newsfeed wizard reworked
+ Add newsfeed wizard: server logon options added
+ Add newsfeed wizard: subscribe to Yahoo!, Feedster and Daypop search feeds.
+ Add newsfeed wizard: subscribe to blogger communities feeds: Blogger,
  LiveJournal, DeadJournal, TypePad, AOL, Blogware, BlogNation, Weblogs@ASP.NET,
+ Add newsfeed wizard: multythreaded channel verification
+ Add newsgroup wizard reworked
+ Add Webpage wizard reworked
+ web-like search in search window and search channels
  +"keyword1" : required keyword
  -"keyword2" : excluded keyword
  "keyword3" "keyword4" : at least one of these keywords
  rss +reader -macos
  rss atom +reader +"blog client" -linux -macos
+ Search channel: "Watch for news on channel update" option
+ "big fonts" style added
+ News composer: "Title" edit box focused for blank news
+ Plain text editor: automatic text wrapping. You can specify maximal line width
+ News items View selector and News Filter are now red in active state
+ News Filter remembers 20 last filter keywords
+ New command: Channel | Purge old/exceeding news
+ Experimental popup blocking
+ Popup blocking counter in the main window status
+ Search channels results in the News Balloon
+ Search channels results in the News Ticker

* Default useragent string changed to:
  NewzCrawler/1.7 (compatible; MSIE 6.00; Newz Crawler 1.7; http://www.newzcrawler.com/ )
* News Filter applied after pressing Enter key

- fixed problem with nntp server port.
- news composer: fixed problem with disabled Cut/Copy/Paste menus
- Problems with Japanese\Chinese\Korean languages fixed
- fixed focus problems on Next/Previous news
- fixed displaying of control characters in the news list 
- quick-view tab order problem fixed
- quick-view browser: Enter key problem fixed
- Problem with unsynchronized address line fixed
- fixed minimizing/restoring window after "Show Desktop" command

version 1.6 Beta 4 (build 1989, February 5 2004)
+ improved atom 0.3 support
+ Annotate module support ('http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/annotate/'). Now you
  can view message threads for feeds supporting this module. Our forum supports
  this module too so beginning Beta 4 our users will see our forums with message
  threads (i.e. All replies will be grouped by topics).
+ Favicon.ico for newsfeed channels
+ Favicon.ico for web channels
+ Channels Icons in News Ticker
+ Channels Icons in News Baloon
+ user-agent string now used for XML-RPC calls too
+ improved database saving/loading
+ Add news feed wizard: added channels options validation
+ Database folder customization

- fixed bug when new channels was invisible after adding them with command line
- Synchronize window: fixed bug with exception when closing the window during

* enabled "Catch Up" tool button for folders
* root folders now retain the opened/closed state too

version 1.6 Beta 3 (build 1941, January 23 2004)
+ "Blog comments" module support (i.e. LockerGnome's feed has such module)
+ yenc encoding support in nntp newsgroups.
+ Right-click menu integration in Internet Explorer (Subscribe to NewzCrawler 
+ improved data strings parsing
+ Add newsfeed wizard now has a page for configuring the new channels defaults
+ Add newsfeed wizard: once verified channels will not have to be updated after 
  closing the wizard
+ Blog this! menu in the notification area (tray) right-click menu
+ Atom 0.3 support
+ feed:URI support. One-click subscription to the "feed://" links

* news list filling is speeded by 15-20%
* Synchronization: Start button is pressed automatically when Synchronization 
  window is opened
* channels tree saving is speeded up (on channels tree drag-drop operations etc.)
* RSS autodiscovery window highlights the last discovered links
* changed\fixed default OCS set URLs

- fixed nntp posting bug when none or UTF-8 encodings were used
- fixed displaying TO: filed displaying in nntp messages
- fixed emails displaying in channels quick-view pages
- fixed "walking toolbands" problem when resizing the windows
- fixed copying nntp news item to favourite keeper
- fixed problem: sometime weblog channel forgets downloaded blogs.
- Add newsfeed wizard: fixed folders tree sorting problem
- fixed RSS autodiscovery bug with relative links and  tag
- Blog client: fixed bug with Del button
- Webpage channel: removed "Appearance"and่ "Subscription" tabs

  ... and other small minor bugs and fixes

version 1.6 Beta 2 (build 1850, December 19 2003)
+ Comment RSS feeds support.
+ SSL support for blogs
+ SSL support for NNTP newsgroups
+ "Update All incoming" command added to the notification area popup menu
+ New "Favourites" folder. Add a new "favourite keeper" to this folder, then
  right-click any news item and choose "Copy to favourites" menu
+ NNTP: Port number customization
+ quick-view templates now support CSS
+ CSS style selector in the Preferences/Style tab. Create a new CSS file in the
  Templates\Styles folder and this style will be available in the preferences.
+ Added option to catch-up the news on leaving the channel
+ Preferences window opening is speeded up

- NNTP: fixed "From" field displaying
- NNTP: fixed work with some encodings
- NNTP: fixed servers caching
- fixed HTTP 1.1 chuncks with GZip (special thanks to Eric Thauvin)
- fixed bug with extra http://%20%20... in permalinks

* Main window tab order changed

version 1.6 Beta (build 1790, October 29 2003)
+ more tolerant XML parsing. NewzCrawler shows how much XML errors it finds and
  suggests to inform the feed author about it.
+ "Validate this feed" link in the quick-view browser for easy validating the
+ command line options: news.exe  [param1.. paramN]
  rss url1...urlN
  this will bring up the subscription wizard for specified newsfeeds
+ new fields for news items: "unread" and "flagged"

* news baloon has been speeded up
* autodiscovered feeds are added to the top of the list
* rss autodiscovery window flashes 5 times instead of permanent flashing

- isPermaLink was FALSE by default (should be TRUE)
- Comment API fixed
- fixed creating folder in wizards
- channels tree didn't save save itself after drag-n-drop
- after importing and restarting the channels lost their names
- if you try to run second copy it will pop-up the first copy instead of silent
- OCS export generates well-formed XMLs now

version 1.5.2 Final (build 1738, September 25 2003)
+ search channels: added option to suppress the news with duplicate headlines
+ import nntp channels from unix mailbox (txt files).

- "cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error if you maximize the
  embedded browser and try to go to the next/previous unread news.
- sometimes (very rarely though) news filtering doesn't work
- HTTP channel's name did not change in the tree immediately after closing it's
  properties window.
- search channels: catch-up clears the channel
- search channels: clears after choosing another channel

version 1.5.2 (build 1730, September 11 2003)
+ NewzCrawler shuts down much faster

* message composer will be closed after posting to outgoing channel.
* news items posted to outgoing channels or weblogs are now added as read.

- "interface not registered" error while updating xml channels
- NewzCrawler crashes frequently, especially on Catch up command.
- mark as read/mark as menus were disabled for some threads in NNTP newsgroups.
- in BlogThis! window: the html source was posted in source view.

version 1.5.2 (build 1712, September 6, 2003)
+ now all data and channels tree are stored automatically after changes are 
  made, not on program exit.
+ news list filtering: view all/unread/flagged/today messages.
+ news list filtering by keywords.
+ news feeds use MSXML now
+ xml-rpc engine now uses MSXML.
+ xml-rpc calls are made in utf-8 - no need to take care about encodings.
+ built-in browser now has address line with history.
+ NewzCrawler remembers the toolbar positions now.
+ RSS autodiscovery works in the built-in browser (IE only).
+ option for each channel allowing the user to determine whether the contents 
  should be displayed in the news ticker.
+ proper handling of the HTTP response codes.
+ newsfeed and web page channels support SSL.
+ option "Update channel on program startup" in the channel properties.
+ unicode support
+ [xhtml:body] support
+ GZip support
+ UI for searching duplicate channels
+ channels tree OPML export and import
+ early Atom/Echo/Pie feeds support
+ nntp downloads new artiles only.
+ support for "Now Playing" (WMP 9) and "AMIP" (WinAmp) plugins.
+ rss autodiscovery: options for hiding baloon tooltip and flashing window.
+ search channels: options for periodical checking.
+ channels tree shows unread/total news items for each channel.
+ sorting folders and channels in alphabetical order.

* removed "Save channels tree every xx minutes" feature.
* MS agent languahe ID in the contextual channels tree menu.
* only NNTP channels has encoding menu.

- empty news title if there're a HTML entities inside.
- Enter key doesn't work in the built-in browser.
- news ticker forgot the state after program restart.
- blog post edit changes the news item date for current date.
- blog post edit changes the news item title if the title is empty
- RSS Autodiscovery IE plug-in doesn't work
- news feed channel changes it's name according to it's title.
- unicode XML files doesn't being read properly.
- fixed error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by 
  another process".
- fixed etag handling: store the etag only if everything's ok.
- partially loaded XMLs should not be parsed.
- missed picture in the BlogThis! window.
- search starts when the search string is empty.
- HTML entities are corrupted when "Normalize HTML" option is turned on
- Add newsfeed wizard: fixed "use currently cached file..." option.
- Add newsfeed wizard: XML parsing errors has not been handled properly.
- mark as read after 0 seconds didn't work.

Known issues

  * Mozilla v1.4 users should download this file: 
    Instructions could be found here

  * For SSL support visit here 

  * Obsolete help system

version 1.4.1 (build 1415, March 19, 2003)

+ customizable user agent (Preferences/Connection/Protocol tab)
+ My Blogs, Outgoing and Search results folders can be hidden (Preferences/
  Appearance tab)
+ added Next unread and Previous Unread commands (Alt+Down and Alt+Up 
+ colors customization is back (Preferences/Appearance/Colors tab)
+ possibility to use Mozilla as embedded browser
  to be able to use Mozilla do as follows:
  * open Mozilla folder ("C:\Program Files\Mozilla\" typically)
  * type "regsvr32 mozctlx.dll" command
  * restart the NewzCrawler and you'll be able to choose between IE and Mozilla
+ channels tree and news list font customization
+ ability to configure language IDs for MS agent (Preferences/Encodings tab)
+ possibility to lower case the html tags and quote all html attrubutes in the 
  BlogThis! html editor (Preferences/General/Post tab)
+ Add newsfeed wizard now autodetects feed encoding

- fixed posting to the MovableType

version 1.4.0 (build 1373, March 6, 2003)

- fixed bug with posting to MovableType. Categories should be applied now.
- fixed bug with Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Ctrl+Z in BlogThis! window.
- Add webpage channel wizard is fixed.
- fixed buf which caused error when trying to delete news items.
- fixed focus switching with Tab and Shift+Tab in the main window. Tab key will 
  switch all links, fields and buttons in the quick-view browser.

version 1.4.0 (build 1363, March 3, 2003)

+ New XP-style UI graphics & options
+ Blogs are now displayed and managed in a tree view 
+ Blog Client has been renamed to BlogThis!
+ Drag-n-drop any news item onto blog will bring up the BlogThis! window
+ GetRecentPosts for weblogs
+ Editing posts
+ Blog properties are more comfortable and intuitive now
+ Blog postings are stored locally for further editing
+ Get last post in the BlogThis! window
+ Post templates in the BlogThis! window
+ Support newsfeeds in UTF-8 Unicode
+ LiveJournal XML-RPC API support: Read and Post to your LiveJournal right 
  from NewzCrawler!
+ New channel type - searches. Type your search in the quick-search field and 
  press Enter will create Search channel. Search is keywords-based. 
  To search phrases use "" around phrase, for example: ' "internet explorer" update '.
+ Striped channels tree and news list
+ option to animate icon when updating instead of when unread items are detected.

* Encodings are more powerful now
* Redesigned Preferences window: it's tree-based instead of tabs-based.

- Fixed bug with MS agent
- Fixed bugs with drag-n-drop operations

+ ... other minor bugfixes and improvements

version 1.3.2 (December 6, 2002)

  + Added "Properties  for all underlying channels" button in folder properties 
  + Added "Catch up" toolbar button
  + New blog site option: "local blog site" for dialup users. If checked, It 
    won't dial to connect to this blog.

  - forward and backward tab order in main and blog client windows is fixed.
  - Edit\Cut\Copy\Paste and it's shortcuts now works in the blog client window.
  - Fixed problem with ' and " entities (this fix is long-awaited by 
    Radio Userland users).

version 1.3.1 (November 5, 2002)

+ MetaWeblog API support (as requested by many MovableType' users). Now you can
  select between Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs in blog site properties. 
  Finally, Title and Link fields for news items.
+ MetaWeblog post to Categories support;
+ All dates strings are now locale-dependent;
+ dc:creator support added
+ Newspaper "show all" and "show unread only" modes;

* RSS Autodiscovery will not pop up if you're already subscribed for feed;
* Autodiscovered feeds are now stored for later viewing;

- fixed the bug with endless IE windows after double-clicking a news item and 
  closing the window;
- fixed problem with rss 2.0 where no default namespace was specified;

version 1.3.0 (September 26, 2002)

* improved tray icon graphics

* Add Channel wizards are not modal now - add several channels from different
  sources simultaneously

+ added RSS 2.0 support
+ added new full featured editor supporting both WYSIWYG and HTML source edit
  modes in the Blogger client and news composer window
+ added new newspaper-like HTML news items view
+ added RSS Autodiscovery module for Internet Explorer 4+
+ IE toolbar integration
+ URL drag-n-drop handling supporting IE, Mozilla & Netscape
+ added a new Web Page wizard
+ extended language support: Baltic, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic

version 1.2.3 (August 20, 2002)

* improved XML parsing
* item marked as unread will not be marked as read until clicked another time

+ news URLs resolving (this will let you to get the actual article URL instead
  of redirection URL)
+ added ability to download full articles automatically when synchronizing
+ added ability to email news using HTML formatting
+ added preview tab in blog client window
+ synchronization window shows how many time did it take to update channels
+ blog client now can dial-up when it need an Internet connection

- OCS export didn't encode entities
- fresh news items were deleted instead of old ones if store news by number was

version 1.2.2 (July 23, 2002)

* changed order of the news items in Outgoing channel export
* when Online mode + Synchronization window + Dialed-up channels are not updated
* multiple UI improvements

+ outgoing channels now can be exported in multiple formats
+ output formats editor
+ blog client remebers your last site and blog
+ news items blogging
+ added support of  and  in rss 0.9x
+ ability to store news items by specifying either number of days or maximal
  number of news items
+ added ability to view news as "newspaper" html file for those who like read
  news as one page
+ added ability to specify the number of exported news items in Outgoing channel
+ added "Catch up" for folders

- OCS export bug fixed
- clicking the news updation summary now restores minimized application as
  it should
- when using built-in html rendering engine command Copy was always disabled
- bug with parsing rss 0.9x when  is specified
- fixed channels import
- some bugs which caused access violation bugs
- fixed RSS 1.0 parsing bug. A few RSS 1.0 feeds weren't parsed correctly