Review from CNet

Of all the commercial RSS newsreaders we've reviewed, none beats NewzCrawler for its breadth of features, ease of use, and intuitive interface. The three-pane window displays channels on the left, headlines on the upper right, and an IE-based browser on the lower right.

You can add newsfeeds by right-clicking the channel heading, using the pull-down menus, or dragging and dropping orange XML links to the channel window. NewzCrawler provides a huge number of features for RSS news gathering, along with extras such as integrated blogging tools, podcast reception, and the ability to instantly send stories by e-mail. The program comes loaded with sample feeds, and its autodetect feature can discover new ones as you browse. There's even a feed-addition wizard for beginners.

Our only concern is that, because NewzCrawler uses the same underlying technology as Internet Explorer, it is vulnerable to the same security issues. Also, the ZIP file installer is a bit of a nuisance. Nevertheless, we wholeheartedly recommend NewzCrawler to beginning and advanced RSS hounds alike.