NewzCrawler features

NewzCrawler enables you to read news feeds in various formats:
  • atom 1.0, 0.3
  • rss 2.0, 0.92, 0.91, 0.9
  • RDF 1.0
  • backslash
NewzCrawler also supports a number of xml namespace extensions of rss: dublin core (dc), well formed web (wfw), content, xhtml, blogcomments.
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NewzCrawler lets you to subscribe and check for updates on ordinary web pages for sites that do not provide their content in syndicatable format. You don't have to switch to another application to view your favorite web sites. Built-in browser supports RSS autodiscovery and popup blocking. View screenshot
NewzCrawler lets you to read and write messages in Usenet newsgroups (nntp), syndicating data from various sources in one application. NewzCrawler supports several attachment encodings:
  • mime
  • uuencode
  • yenc
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NewzCrawler includes fully functional WYSIWYG weblog client allowing news posting on XML-RPC servers. NewzCrawler supports the following XML-RPC APIs:
  • Blogger API
  • MetaWeblog API
  • MovableType API
  • Blogger 2.0 API
  • LiveJournal API
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Podcasting is a distribution of audio content for listening on mobile devices and personal computers. Podcast is an audio or video file linked with a news item. NewzCrawler can download podcasts to your computer in background. After completing the download you will be notified about the new podcast arrival. The new file may be listened in a media player program or may be copied to your portable digital music player. View screenshot
RSS Autodiscovery is a very useful thing to find new feeds while you are browsing the web. When you are visiting an rss-enabled website or weblog homepage the RSS Autodiscovery balloon appears notifying you about possibility to subscribe to the feed. Just click on RSS Autodiscovery balloon to subscribe to the discovered feed. View screenshot
You can create special smart folders which will search for interesting news by specified criteria and collect them in one place. This feature allows you to be informed of all important events without digging in the tons of news of minor importance. View screenshot
News ticker window is a very comfortable way to stay in touch with the latest news titles. With News Ticker window you can view crawling news titles without being distracted from your primary work. Just one click on interesting title leads you to the short news description or to the full article on the Internet in your browser. View screenshot
News balloon is a popup notification window which informs user about channels update in a non-intrusive manner. You can resize the news balloon window and drag it into desired position on the screen. You can setup which news will be displayed in the news balloon window on per channel basis. View screenshot
Unread news number and total news number are shown in the channels tree view. If there are some unread news items in the channel or in the folder they are displayed in the tree view in bold. View screenshot
Many people use two or even more computers for their daily business. Typically there is a PC in their office and a PC or a notebook at home. Having bought a single-user license, you're allowed to use several installations. Using synchronization you will keep subscriptions in separate copies of NewzCrawler the same. News items you've read at work will be marked as read at home automatically. View screenshot
Newspaper window displays newspaper-like view of news items for selected channels or folders. In newspaper view you can not only read the news but mark them as read, flag them, download enclosures. You can filter news shown in newspaper view by specified keywords or news age. View screenshot
Visual styles redesings newspaper view in the built-in browser. Visual style is a XSLT transformation that generates HTML content for the currently selected channel or news item on the base of XML data provided by NewzCrawler. NewzCrawler ships with a number of predefined visual styles and you can create your own. View screenshot
You can watch news items in the news feeds as well as other user's comments on these items. NewzCrawler supports wfw:commentRss extension and can automatically download comment feeds, grouping conversations in the threads. View screenshot
NewzCrawler supports CommentAPI (wfw:comment) protocol, allowing you to make your comments on other men's posts. Simple press "Comment This!" button on the main window toolbar or select this command in context menu. View screenshot
NewzCrawler can export your subscription in OCS or OPML file, and import data from these formats, allowing you to share subscription with your fiends. View screenshot
NewzCrawler supports Microsoft Agent characters and speech engine to pronounce the news through a sound card. View screenshot
And many more interesting features...